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Welcome to Lucas Wave International, where we combine the power of Fibonacci, Lucas, Golden Spiral, Financial Geometry, Gann and Astronomic numbers with Elliott wave, candlesticks and technical analysis to provide you with one of the most precise pattern recognition methodologies for all financial markets.

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Through our newsletters, teaching program, book, DVD’s. webinars and appearances at conventions around the country, we help traders identify key turning points on the chart by combining the power of cycles with important support and resistance zones to gain an edge over the competition.

As a speaker, I’ve been on a distinguished roster of world class traders and technicians at the Traders Library Hall of Fame Awards conferences which gave Lifetime Achievement awards to both Martin Pring in Washington, DC and Richard Arms in Chicago. I’ve appeared as a guest speaker at Futures magazine panel discussions at the Traders Expo in both New York and Pasadena, California as well as my own breakout sessions at the Traders Expo in New York, Las Vegas and Pasadena.

As a private trader, I’ve has been doing this for the last ten years and publicly since 2002.


This is the chart of the bull market from 2002-2007. As you know the top came on October 11, 2007. The coming of this pivot was well documented in the Fibonacci Forecaster as early as April 2007 and in Tech Talk of the August 2007 issue of Futures magazine. Readers were notified of a high probability “MOST MEANINGFUL PIVOT OF THE ENTIRE DECADE.”

Since this is a weekly chart, there were actually 4 high probability turn dates and the Dow did elect the last one on October 11. Time has proven us very accurate as it may not only have been the most meaningful pivot of the decade, but our lifetime.

For all the people who lost billions in wealth, it’s a shame because this methodology served as an incredible Tsunami warning system.  So if you are broker or Wall Street analyst coming to this site for the first time, you have a very powerful methodology at your fingertips.

But it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Had you read my book, Breakthrough Strategies For Predicting Any Market, you could have learned to do this by yourself. Its one of the most comprehensive books written on Fibonacci and Lucas cycles in financial markets.

That’s the beauty of our cycle work. While it appears complex, the concept is very simple. Markets have their own unique language and speak to us in number symmetries. Wall Street would have you believe you can’t time markets but nothing could be further from the truth. With the use of Fibonacci cycle points, I was able to identify a very important reaction point a full 6 months ahead of time.  As time got closer, we were able to adjust our forecasts to be even more accurate.



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So how did this methodology do DURING THE CRISIS?  As you know, we had a double top. The Dow and SPX topped on October 11 and tech topped at the end of October 2007.  This chart shows you the Lehman Bankruptcy, which materialized on September 15, 2008 and accelerated the crisis was actually the 234th trading day off the Dow top.


This NDX chart shows you the TARP event on Friday, October 3, 2008 was actually the 233rd day of the tech bear. We had dueling tops with matching 233 day events and both turned out to have equally strong historical significance. Both 233 day events accelerated the crisis. I don’t like to predict crashes but for the first time, in our STU, on Thursday October 2nd I warned subscribers that a waterfall event was a high probability.

As you can see, market symmetry was perfect and you would have to consider it very rare that two landmark events (Lehman and TARP) would both materialize exactly on important Fibonacci time windows and accelerate a crash. It has never happened before and probably will never happen again.


But just because these cycles act as leading indicators do we take trades because of them. That’s why we combine the power of the cycle work with very well grounded support and resistance lines to come up with high probability risk/reward areas for trades and market forecasts.


Lucas Wave International was the first in the industry to identify this high in the Dollar back in November 2008.   Because of the inverse relationship with the stock market, this Dollar turn caused the November bottom to materialize. The media and most traders thought it was because of the Geithner nomination!  This chart displays unique Fibonacci cycles and price expansion work which is what we teach in our newsletters book and teaching program. This particular setup is nothing more than combining Fibonacci extensions revealed exclusively in my book plus adding the 161 unit time window. That’s it and this sequence created the bear market bottom in the NDX, thanks to the inverse relationship.

It is simple but my book is the only place that reveals how this particular Fibonacci extension works.

Understanding how this works will give you an incredible edge in your trading.

But we’ve gone way beyond Fibonacci cycle work. Nowadays, more and more people are getting interested in Fibonacci and Elliott. That’s a good thing but now I even hear them talking about Fibonacci on CNBC. When the crowd starts getting wind of it, it’s not cutting edge anymore. So you have to ask yourself, is what I’m doing cutting edge?  If you are not going BEYOND Fibonacci, it’s NOT CUTTING EDGE ANYMORE.


This was the setup leading up to the Geithner press conference in February to promote his bank recovery plan. The truth is this setup revealed itself an hour before his speech and is a combination of Fibonacci cycle and Gann price and time square work. In November, the market supposedly bottomed because of Geithner, in February in tanked and he was only on the job 3 weeks!  You can’t have it both ways!  The truth is these setups were leading the markets and you didn’t even need to watch television to trade them. But you need to learn what to do and when to do it!  As you can see, this is the kind of setup that offers a high reward/low risk opportunity because we combine the cycles with important support or resistance levels.

This is the kind of work we teach clients in our mentoring program and all of our newsletters.


You are either moving forward or going backward and don’t even realize it. We use cycles that perhaps 1% of the trading population is aware of. So if you are tired of not knowing why the Fibonacci retracements didn’t line up, perhaps its time you found out why not.

We became known for our work with the Lucas Series because it has a profound effect on all markets in all degrees of trend. Most traders and analysts have never heard of it, let alone been in a position to apply it to markets or teach it to others. Learning this methodology will give you a unique edge as a "state-of-the-art" pattern recognition tool. We combine the Lucas numbers with Elliott Waves, Fibonacci studies, financial geometry, candlesticks, volume studies, as well as moving averages.
But now we’ve gone beyond Lucas!!!

As you can see from the Geithner chart we are squaring price and time to come up with even greater accuracy and precision.  Why?

Because Gann said that when price and time square, the trend changes! We are combining price and time to identify key market turns in all of the charts we cover. We’ve simplified it so you don’t have to learn complex square, circle or hexagon charts. If you trade Futures, check out the link to our Futures newsletter. We’ve captured some really important turns in key markets this year.

All you need is a calculator, paper and a willingness to go to the next level. If you have that, the information on this site will help you get to the next level and beyond……..

But that’s not all………

I’ve uncovered a new ratio that nobody knows about and I may just be the first person in the entire industry that knows what this ratio is and how it is used. Recently, this ratio was instrumental in getting a recent Copper high before anyone else.

We are using astronomic numbers right off the NASA tables to identify turns in the market. But not just any numbers, specific ones that repeat over and over.

So if you are an options trader, we have something for you. If you are a Futures or FOREX trader, we have something for you. Nobody comes remotely close to our US Dollar coverage. In our STU we also cover the USD-EUR, USD-JPY and EUR-JPY as well as lots of other charts.

The best part is what we are doing applies to all markets in all degrees of trend.

Comments on Breakthrough Strategies

"Your methodology gave a seasoned trader a new perspective on timing the trade. These Lucas numbers are quite phenomenal, when added to Fibonacci which is what I used before but was often bemused, confused, and frustrated when we turned so often on bar 29 instead of 34 and 49 instead of 55.

"I have been searching for this timing methodology for some time to add that extra edge to my trading and after being frustrated with Gann and Fibonacci timing on its own, I feel the hard work over the years may finally be vindicated.

"Kind regards and thank you, mate!"

-- SB, Australia

"I have your book and I have to say it has been worth the wait. It certainly has paid off by taking the time to get it right and helps explain much of what you have been detailing in your Fibo Forecaster, which I have read for some time now and have found of great interest and use. Now, of course, I am on my own journey and your book is proving to be a good guide."

-- CO, London

"Hi Jeff, I read your book from the first till the last page. WOW what can I say?

Permanent success is only guaranteed if we stay in harmony with the Universe. Your work, market master, teaches us clearly how to apply this in the stock market. Now we know that most of the time/price reversals, when and where they occur, when they come together. And yes, these patterns and clusters are all different and uncountable like all other things in the nature.

And for your information, the greatest value of your book for me is knowing when trend changes, knowing when to act or not to act, and making precise price targets far in advance.

I am still learning the material but a bull rotation is low to low, bear rotation is high to high. They both end on strong numbers. Hope I'm understanding this correctly.

Your book is really my best investment ever!

-- JP, Belgium

No monetary consideration has been given to customers for providing testimonials.

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