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There are three critical elements to success in financial markets: understanding the market, having a trading plan and executing that plan.


Its simple. They don’t execute a plan. When you  don’t understand the pattern, you trade emotionally. When you are emotional you make mistakes. When you make mistakes you lose money.

One emotional mistake can wipe out a week or month’s worth of gains.

On the other hand, if you understand the pattern, you’ll trade from discipline and not fear.

Do you remember this chart?  It’s the bull market. It topped in exactly 262 weeks. It’s well documented that I alerted traders “THE MOST IMPORTANT PIVOT OF THE DECADE” was coming at that time. I wrote about this a full 6 months before the fact and at least 4 months before other “Cycle Experts” picked up on it. If you read my book, you could have learned to do the same thing. Since that time we’ve captured just about every important market turn.


The Lucas Wave International Training Program will teach you a complete world class pattern recognition and trading strategy program.  The objective of the program, for those 100% committed, is to increase your understanding of the charts you trade, identify, and eliminate patterns that hold you back and increase your profitability in the shortest possible time.

Building a winning trading plan requires a proven system and on-going support tailored to your personality. The program begins by honing in on your current plan with a comprehensive questionnaire. Some of the issues we identify:

  1. What markets and time frames you trade.
  2. What kinds of setups you pick.
  3. What you are thinking when entering and exiting a trade.

Then I analyze your charts to determine what you are doing well and what areas can be improved upon. Most traders have one or more conditions that repeat over and over that saps your bankroll and profitability. We work together to identify and eliminate them.

Together we will tackle every aspect in your trading life with unstoppable momentum and consistent one-on-one support.

Whether you live in North America, Europe, Australia or any other part of the world, we have the resources available to support you with our program. Every professional athlete works with a results oriented coach because they know it will dramatically increase momentum, inspiration, and the drive required to continue on the path to success.

The problem some people have is they don't think they need a mentor. The truth of the matter is those who don't think they need one need it the most! The question is not whether you need this program, but do you think you deserve it? This program uses these cutting edge methodologies which is gaining popularity all over the world.

Some of the methods we use are Fibonacci, Andrews and Gann. You’ll learn Gann’s most important discovery which is as relevant today as it was 80 years ago.


This was the single most important pivot of 2011. Why? The first thing you’ll learn is how to be on the right side of the market. The first week of May 2011 we killed Osama Bin Laden and the media thought the market would stage a tremendous rally. This turn was a perfect storm of Fibonacci and Gann symmetry. This was the macro picture that caused oil and equities to top while the US Dollar bottomed. By knowing one calculation you could’ve leveraged yourself into any number of trading opportunities, no matter what you trade. The largest energy hedge fund in London lost 400 million pounds in 4 days and HAD NO IDEA WHY. They weren’t looking at this chart.


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COMBINING THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS IN THE WORLD: Ultimate Guide To Vibrations and Square Outs:Keys To The Kairos Pattern

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After you learn the macro, we concentrate on the micro. The micro is simply your trading opportunities. Not only will you learn world class methods of finding opportunities, you’ll leverage that to near term opportunities using support/resistance, polarity flips, Fibonacci leg calculations and you’ll learn what institutional traders are looking at. Yes, you’ll learn exactly what the winners are doing so you can piggyback on their success. We’ll show you support and resistance lines.

Not only that but we’ll also teach you that trading is a zero sum game. Think of all the times you lost money. What did you want to do?

Break even, right?  Did you ever realize the smart money is also watching what the losers are doing? Some of you may not know this, but bulls fuel a bear market and bears fuel a bull. Nowhere was this more apparent than 2011 when Euro equity bears waited on Greece to produce the next Lehman moment. It never happened, did it? Our Gann calculations told us it wouldn’t. SO everytime the bears covered smart bulls piggybacked on board. You’ll  learn how to do that here.

You’ll learn what the losers are doing but more importantly what the winners are doing as well.

Here's why this program is absolutely critical:

What you'll gain:

For most projects, returns of two to three times the costs are considered extremely profitable. The heart of this program is taking our cutting edge pattern recognition program and applying it directly to your trading. This investment in yourself is the equivalent to being stopped out of a handful of trades! Think about it. Most people lose because they make the same mistake over and over. Eliminate that one mistake and this program pays for itself.

That's the worst case scenario. The best case scenario is you'll have a game plan that will work for you for the rest of your life. What's the value of that? $5,000? $50,000? $500,000? That's up to you. I will tell you feedback on the success of my methodology is coming in from all over the world. And some of it is liberally sprinkled across this site.

We’ll teach you world class pattern recognition methodology where you can leverage into every area of the market.

As I said, traders lose money because they don’t understand the pattern. They get emotional and the money flees the trading account quicker than a Kansas twister. We don’t use news events or boring lagging indicators. Traders know those don’t work yet do it anyway. Why? Because they don’t know any better. If only there was a better way…


You will receive 3 personalized 75 minute one on one sessions  PLUS 12 months of email support where I analyze your charts as well as a feedback you’ll refer to in the future. The result is you learning how to spot superior setups so you can take advantage and profit from them. Learning to spot them is the first step. Trusting what you see enough to pull the trigger will separate you from the pack. That’s where my support comes in.


  1. You'll much better understand where support and resistance will form. That will help you understand the trend much better. That will lead to you taking higher quality trades with better risk/reward ratios. Most people know one or two forms of support and resistance. I’ll teach you at least 5.
  2. You'll be able to get into the flow of the pattern to 80% accuracy. That’s statistically proven.
  3. You'll better understand and recognize a superior pivot and its likelihood of an important top or bottom.
  4. You'll also understand when a fakeout is materializing.
  5. We'll cover market sentiment and intermarket relationships.
  6. True mastery comes when you master left brain thinking (analysis) and right brain thinking takes over (intuition). That comes as a result of you correctly being able to understand the pattern.
  7. By the time you complete the program you should recognize high probability setups which means your trade selection criteria will be much better. Seems easy but it takes time to line it up just that way.
  8. We combine my price and time work with the other methods to give you even higher probability setups.
  9. Learn how to recognize how big moves set up. If you are trading tops and bottoms chances are you are barely breaking even. We’ll show you how to get beyond that for once and for all.

The end result is by the end of the program you'll know the 3 important high probability criteria for taking a trade. It may sound simple as I reduce it to the ridiculous, but its the journey and the work that gets you there.

The greatest college basketball coach of all time was John Wooden. His 10 NCAA championships in 12 years are unmatched by any other coach. Wanna know the secret to his success? They never talked about winning. That’s right. He didn’t even want his players to be concerned about the score of the game. But he taught them how to do the right things on the court and in life.


That’s right. And we’ll teach you to spot the right things on a price chart


Andrews is said to have taken $50 million out of the market with this methodology. When I heard that I mastered the technique and have incorporated it into all of our services. Yes, you can learn pitchforks elsewhere, but nobody else combines it with price and time the way we do.

Do you wonder how to draw the lines? What the lines actually mean? Are the lines going to hold?

The pitchfork/median line method is one of the most visually satisfying ways to understand the trend. Your own understanding of the pattern can’t help but improve exponentially. Its included in this program.


Our Gann resistance levels targeted the high for the BKX at 51.33. The actual high was 51.14. Wow, we missed by a whole 19 cents. But that’s not the whole story. 2 days later Goldman Sachs was let off the hook and it created a buying panic in the aftermarket just 2 days later. You might remember it. People thought the banks would explode higher. They barely budged and never took out our resistance. This square of 9 sequence was one of the key legs in the BKX that year.

Building a winning trading plan requires a proven system and on-going support tailored to your personality.

Building a winning trading plan requires a proven system and on-going support tailored to your personality.

This chart combines dynamic Gann price and time levels. These calculations are derived from the Square of 9. We’ll build on pitchfork methodology and combine it with Gann. It takes people years to figure these methods out, if they ever do. These methods can be incredibly complex but I’ll teach it to you in a way that’s simple to learn. You’ll know where support/resistance is as well as important market turns in advance! It can take you years on your own to learn how to use this high power tool. IF YOU EVER DO.

Don’t forget I’ll show you the little known Gann technique of range squaring the time.

By the time you are done with this course you’ll combine some of the most powerful methods you can put on a chart.


Two thousand dollars? Three thousand dollars? I’ve seen programs cost as much as $5000.

You’ve seen pitchfork programs for $3500 and more. You’ve seen Gann or Astro programs that go as high as $10,000.

The question is not how much does it costs. The real question is how much is it WORTH TO YOU? Do you really want a superior pattern recognition method? How much money are you giving to the markets and getting nothing in return.

Deep down, you know there is more out there and you’ve been frustrated in your attempts to find it. Deep down, you know there is a bigger reason the markets turned on October 11, 2007, bottomed in March 2009 and every turn since. If you only knew why, you could have been in a position to win and profit. It’s the same thing on the intraday charts.


There is no such thing

There are a lot of people who THINK they want to succeed. Not everyone is 100% committed. If you are not committed, this program is not for you. This is not an easy program. If you are looking for a black box get rich quick system this is not for you. But if you are honest about wanting to break through, you will like what you find here.

Fibonacciwoman told me to charge $1500 for this program. I could charge $1500 and it would be worth every penny. I have doctors and lawyers tell me I should charge a lot more.

Maybe I should.

But times are tough and I want to see people succeed. So we talked about $1000 and we agreed that would still knock many people out of the box.

So we finally decided on $987.

That’s very fair considering what you get. You will be personally supplied by me with some of the best charts you won’t find anywhere else that shows you how to go step by step from where you are to where you want to go. We’ll correspond one on one via email for 12 months and you’ll get 3-75 minute personalized sessions with me on the phone or those of you out of the country on SKYPE.

Don’t see a pattern to your losses? Don’t know why you get stopped out? There’s only 2 reasons. Its because you don’t understand the pattern well enough and you are trading emotionally. How would you like to overcome those problems for once and for all?


Most of you are familiar with the Moon. Yeah, that big piece of cheese in the sky. Many traders are aware the Moon can be used as a timing tool. They know about new Moons and full Moons. We know about that too. That’s not what I’m talking about.

They have no idea the influence of the Lunar cycle has on the markets from one day to the next. Especially intraday traders.

If you don’t know this stuff you are missing the boat. BIG TIME

Its covered in this program.

And the biggest problem is you don’t even know what you don’t know. But deep down you know there is something more out there.
I’m not talking about any old boat, I’m talking about Majesty of the Seas. This is the cutting edge in intraday market timing.


You’ll  get our complete training manual, ULTIMATE GUIDE TO VIBRATIONS AND SQUARE OUTS: KEYS TO THE KAIROS PATTERN where you’ll learn cutting edge market timing, Andrews, Gann as well as advanced support and resistance levels.


You’ll get our 2 cutting edge reports: How to spot institutional support and resistance which shows you exactly what the winners are looking at and How to Identify the Losing Side which will show you where the losers are likely to exit.


You’ll get a complimentary month of our SHORT TERM UPDATE newsletter so you can see exactly how I size up markets from one week to the next.


You’ll be able to email your questions for up to 18 months and you’ll get 2 more sessions, bringing the grand total to 5.

There’s a lot of material here so I couldn’t do justice to it without spending one session going over the all important psychological/sentiment aspects of trading. Many people come to this business after succeeding at other walks of life and fail miserably. They think all they have to do is apply the lessons and mindsets from their old business and they come here and fall flat on their face. I’ll show you how to approach this business properly and how to think about all the market psychology that comes to you disguised as noise from the media on a regular basis. I’ve found this is one of the most critical factors in your success. And we’ll put it together with the left brain, right brain approach. This is truly the only way you’ll ever get to mastery in this business.

So you’ll get 5 one on one sessions.

You’ll learn the macro and micro side. You’ll learn what it takes to be on the right side of the market. You’ll learn what the pros consider support and resistance. Markets are very challenging and you’ll find people who do Gann but don’t have great strategies. You’ll find strategy traders but know nothing about timing markets. YOU GET ALL OF THIS UNDER ONE ROOF.

And now we’ve started working with new material introducing the how Chaos Theory presents advanced support and resistance lines in the form of attractor lines.

This is our newer work and representative of the most advanced support and resistance work you’ll see anywhere. It’s not even a bonus, its just part and parcel of the quality you get in this program.

Intention to succeed is great but without the proper tools to attack these challenging times its like trying to build a skyscraper with a hammer and a box of nails. You are not going to do it. This is the greatest business in the world with opportunity everyday. You have the freedom to choose success in your life. Let’s collaborate together to take your big dreams, your life and your trading to their highest potential. Your success is up to you.

We look forward to working with you and are committed to your success!

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