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Forecaster Futures Update

Our Futures update offers comprehensive coverage of charts like Cocoa, Sugar, Corn, Wheat, Rough Rice, Nat Gas, Heating Oil, Copper, Cotton as well as selected other opportunities in currencies.

Our cutting edge methodology utilizing Fibonacci,Lucas cycles well as financial geometry and Gann price and time clusters identifies unique trading opportunities every week.

If you are attempting to trade these markets with fundamental data you are fighting a losing battle. For instance, the Cocoa chart is one of the more complex charts to trade because it is supposedly driven by weather reports and political considerations. Do you realize Cocoa is grown in some of the most politically unstable places on earth?  Let’s say you do master weather patterns like Al Roker, you are still an outsider, because you’ll never know what is going on enough to trade the geopolitical situation with precision. And if you were a political insider, you probably are not good at forecasting the weather. Even if you were all of the above, you’ll never know when black pod disease will hit.

To be successful, you need to be neither.  See how precise this is?


If you understand the pattern, you can trade ANY OF THESE CHARTS.

Recently, we alerted subscribers to important turns in the Nat Gas and Corn markets. Sentiment was very negative in these charts and while fundamentals may not have agreed, price and time lined up in such a way to create the reversal. Our methodology pinpointed these turns. These Nat Gas charts are from our September 5 update and were highlighted by a 61 week reversal. The square on the daily chart is a condition we teach you to recognize in all of our newsletters and in our coaching programs.



A week later the Corn chart had a very interesting price and time cluster which alerted us to a change in direction. Our readers had an industry ‘exclusive’ as very few methodologies were able to recognize these kinds of turns. Our methodology offers an incredible low risk/high reward trade by recognizing these turns before the crowd. You know what has happened since then.


How about this chart from our May 9th update which anticipated the high in the Cotton Market?  As you can see a unique time window cluster hit on May 12, 2009. The next week, after the turn, not only did we identify the turn but characterized it as important. That is the high 5 months later.



Not to be outdone, this hourly chart was part of our unique analysis that identified the low on the Cotton chart a month later. There was an important time and price cluster using ratio analysis we caught that enabled us to alert subscribers to an important trading opportunity going the other way.

We do this on a regular basis. We identify turns as well as key support and resistance areas.


A subscription is simple. All you need to do is register below and a numeric password will be sent to you. Once you have your password, log in with your email address and password and you will see the correct links. If you prefer to try us out for a week, a trial is also available. All newsletters are on the subscriber page for your easy download. We post every weekend. Since this is time sensitive information there are no refunds.


If you have lost or forgotten your registered email address or password, click here for assistance.

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