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Optuma’s mission is very simple. This is a technical analysis software package designed to make your analysis simple and save you time. It has the indicators and drawing tools most companies provide, but that’s just the beginning.

Optuma Software

In addition to popular indicators most traders use, it also has an extensive array of studies most don’t have. In addition to Fibonacci tools there are an impressive array of Geometric and Gann tools. Not only does it have these tools but it enables you to view your chart in 3D. View the markets in a whole new perspective. The 3D analysis allows you to study price patterns in the third dimension, giving you access to visual information not available in a 2D chart. Traders lose money as they get emotional because they don’t understand the pattern. 3D gives you the ability to study pattern relationships between indicators.

Optuma Software

William Delbert Gann made an enormous contribution to the field of technical analysis and trading. He is considered one of the greatest traders of all time. He used methods and tools that are still cutting edge years after he passed away. The Gann Analyst Edition puts his most important tools at your fingertips.


No longer is the old wooden Square of Nine wheel needed. Optuma includes the world’s first fully customizable and interactive Square of Nine wheel, offering complete user control for quick and easy time and price pattern recognition. Also included in this package is the Square of Four used by Gann to identify market turning points as well as the Wheel of 24 which is referred to in his book “Tunnel Through The Air.

Optuma Software

Optuma Software


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COMBINING THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS IN THE WORLD: Ultimate Guide To Vibrations and Square Outs:Keys To The Kairos Pattern

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Those of you familiar with my book “Breakthrough Strategies” know how important it is to be able to save time and keep track of the bars. Optuma has a tool that does just that.

This is already an incredible and impressive set of cutting edge tools. But Optuma does not stop there. There is also a Gann Analyst (with Astro Module). This is an entirely new world of charting with a fully adjustable 3D Ephemeris. Move The Ephemeris around, zoom in and out to instantly see important planetary relationships. Save hours of analysis for quick and timely trading decisions.

Optuma Software

In Gann’s material he hid specific information on the important relationship between price and planetary positions. The Astronomic edition allows you to bring these secrets which have been hidden for decades right to your desktop.

Optuma Software

Astronomical edition also allows you to keep track of the Moon phases and lunar cycles. Its long been known that lunar cycles have a profound effect on all financial markets, especially commodities.

The difference between making and losing money in trading is having an ‘edge.’ Developing an ‘edge’ means being able to get to the right information very quickly. At Lucas Wave International, we teach you how to get to the right information, Market Analyst helps you get there very quick.

Emotional trading comes from a lack of pattern recognition skills. When you really understand the pattern you automatically eliminate much of the emotional mistakes that cause you to lose money.  Being able to get to the right information at your fingertips will enable you have the discipline to make higher quality trades more consistently.

Optuma will provide you with a vehicle to take your pattern recognition skills to a whole new level. But don’t take our word for it, click here and take it for a test drive yourself - FREE for 14 days.

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