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The SHORT TERM UPDATE is your gateway to the groundbreaking combined power of Fibonacci, Lucas, Gann and geometric cycles. We combine the power of these cycles with Elliott Wave, candlesticks and support/resistance zones to give you one of the most precise pattern recognition methodologies in the industry.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday night we cover the stock market, gold, silver, US Dollar, Yen, Euro, Bonds, Crude Oil and the Australian stock market.

Here is just a small but powerful sample of what we do:

Dollar 60 Min

Lucas Wave International was the first in the industry to identify this high in the Dollar back in November 2008.   Because of the inverse relationship with the stock market, this Dollar turn caused the November bottom to materialize. The media and most traders thought it was because of the Geithner nomination!  This chart displays unique Fibonacci cycle and price expansion work which is the centerpiece of my book. Understanding how this works will give you an incredible edge in your trading.

But we’ve gone way beyond Fibonacci cycle work. Nowadays, more and more people are getting interested in Fibonacci and Elliott. That’s a good thing but now I even hear them talking about Fibonacci on CNBC. When the crowd starts getting wind of it, it’s not cutting edge anymore. So you have to ask yourself, is what I’m doing cutting edge?  If you are not going BEYOND Fibonacci, it’s NOT CUTTING EDGE ANYMORE.

NQ 15 min

This was the setup leading up to the Geithner press conference in February to promote his bank recovery plan. The truth is this setup revealed itself an hour before his speech and is a combination of Fibonacci cycle and Gann price and time square work. In November, the market supposedly bottomed because of Geithner, in February it tanked, he was blamed while he was only on the job 3 weeks!  You can’t have it both  ways!  The truth is these setups were leading the markets and you didn’t even need to watch television to trade them. But you need to learn what to do and when to do it!

The STU not only offers cutting edge market forecasts, we also have tutorials in most updates!  Its one thing to read about this stuff in a book or any one particular update, but we pack each newsletter with about 30 charts and you can see how this methodology drives markets from one sequence to the next. This is one of the few industries where conditions change every few weeks. It will challenge the courage of your convictions. You can look over my shoulder and see how we approach changing market conditions with a method that has worked  consistently since the beginning of the stock market.

Why?  Because this is NOT A BLACK BOX system. We are using universal principles and the same symmetries that appear today, appeared in 2002, 1982, 1962, 1942 and 1932. In other words, this is timeless!

You are either moving forward or going backward and don’t even realize it. We use cycles that perhaps 1% of the trading population is aware of. So if you are tired of not knowing why the Fibonacci retracements didn’t line up, perhaps its time you found out why not.

I have brought the Lucas Series to the attention of a lot of people these past few years.

The Lucas Series has a profound effect on all markets in all degrees of trend. Most traders and analysts have never heard of it, let alone been in a position to apply it to markets or teach it to others. Learning this methodology will give you a unique edge as a "state-of-the-art" pattern recognition tool. We combine the Lucas numbers with Elliott Waves, Fibonacci studies, financial geometry, candlesticks, volume studies, as well as moving averages.

We use applications of Lucas that very few people are aware, let alone in a position to understand and apply to their trading. In the Short Term Update you will learn how to do that.

But now we’ve gone beyond Lucas!!! I’ve uncovered a new ratio that nobody knows about and I may just be the first person in the entire industry that knows what this ratio is and how it is used.  When you subscribe to the to the STU, you will be exposed to it on a regular basis.

So if you are an options trader, wouldn’t you like to know when the pattern is changing so you can get the lowest premiums?

If you are a Futures or FOREX trader, wouldn’t you like to have the underlying calculations in the Dollar which is driving EVERY MARKET? If you understand the Dollar it will have a profound influence on your view of any FOREX pair you trade.

In June we alerted subscribers to this unique and exclusive geometric price and time cluster in the Dollar again. This pivot in late June was 360 hours off the June low.

It had moved exactly .00610 for every hour of that triangle. You’ll recognize that as a derivative of Fibonacci 610. That pivot was never taken out and spent the rest of the summer going lower. Very few people know how to identify such a pivot let alone alert subscribers to the unique opportunity it offers. Yet we do this work in every single update!  Why are these Dollar examples so important?  Simply put, understanding the movements in the Dollar has been so important to anticipating moves in the stock market!

Dollar 60 min

You’ve seen the Dollar/Geithner chart at the top. When that was materializing, I was walking the floor at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas, nobody had a clue  this Dollar pattern had such important symmetry. That includes some of the best presenters and trading minds in the world. Nothing against my colleagues, they just didn’t know this methodology

Same with this June Dollar chart.

Finally, there’s a lot of information out there, much of it leaves out key parts, leaving you hanging for more.

You can see just from these charts we give LOTS OF PERTINENT INFORMATION

I will show you exactly what is driving markets and how you find profitable opportunities.  

Wall Street wants to be sure you never get this information. You’ve heard it, just turn on the television on any given day and someone will tell you timing markets is just not done.

You can listen to them, or you can take control of your financial life. Given the current conditions of the country, you’re best served taking matters into your own hands. We’ll show you what is really driving markets.  Did you ever wonder why some months the market will tank on key economic readings and other times rally?  Its not the news, its right there on the chart.

But it all depends on you, do you want the status quo or do you want to finally take charge of your financial life and get ahead?

This is not smoke and mirrors, a black box or dependence on news events.


We teach a modernized version of price and time combinations that not only are incredibly accurate but also allow you to approximate the size of a correction. Yes, once a chart pulls back, wouldn’t you like to know the degree of the correction?  This is a business of uncertainty and what we are doing is reducing the level of uncertainty. What is the benefit to you?  More setups with better risk/reward ratios.

XAU Daily

From the internal readings we were able to figure out the pullback off the June high in the XAU was not likely to take out the April low. We didn’t need any expensive software, just a calculator and scratch pad. With a subscription to the STU, you will learn how to do this. And our newsletters are very reasonably priced. Sign up is simple, just register at the bottom of the page. A password will be sent to you and then log in.


So if you are curious about all of this, now is the time. If you are getting stopped out and don’t understand the pattern to your losses, now is the time. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

We also alert you to unique setups on individual stocks. Back in June subscribers were alerted to this Gann set up in POT that topped at 121 in 121 days. Potash was straight down after that.

POT Daily 121 in 121 days

On September 15, subscribers were alerted to this unique opportunity in Enzo Biochem. This stock which was trading at 5.65 was trading over 8.00 several days later. This is the equivalent of a $56 stock moving to 80 in less than a week!  Of course, we can’t do this every day, but we usually hit a couple of these a month.

ENZ Daily


Do you trade intraday Emini’s? We also have a model that identifies large moves in all degrees of trend. Our subscribers were alerted to this opportunity BEFORE it happened.

NQ 60 Min

This was the set up and below is the scaled down result.

NQ 5 Min

Our Short Term Update covers the stock market, metals, bonds, crude oil, unique opportunities in individual stocks and sectors. We also cover the Australian markets.

A subscription is simple. All you need to do is register below and a numeric password will be sent to you. Once you have your password, log in with your email address and password and you will see the correct links. If you prefer to try us out for a week, a trial is also available. All newsletters are on the subscriber page for your easy download. We post every Tuesday and Thursday night in the US.

As you can imagine, the value of this information is very time sensitive. For that reason we don’t offer refunds. Still skeptical, try us out for a week. But if you subscribing to a strict Elliott site, you are missing key pieces of the equation. If you are subscribing to an exclusive Fibonacci newsletter  you are also missing key pieces of the puzzle and if you are subscribing to something just giving the fundamentals you are missing most of the puzzle. The SHORT TERM UPDATE puts it all together for you. In this challenging time, you can’t have enough tools in your tool chest. A subscription to the STU will give you a huge arsenal.

Here are just a few of many testimonials:

"If I may make a bold prediction, I believe Jeff Greenblatt will be regarded as one of the true Market Masters of the 21st century."

-- DB, Australia

"I think your method of timing the market is unique and the best there is, bar none. Keep up the great work."

-- GL, Singapore

"Just thought I would let you know, as I watched the low forming early yesterday morning (from your Tuesday reading I was watching this timeframe), the put/call ratio spiked to 1.38. I bought an ndx call and made a nice gain for the day, closing out at the end."

-- GM, Oklahoma

"This is to thank you for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge with the majority of us. Your email is like a bible for me. Well done and keep up the good work. I owe you big time."

-- AK, London

"I am an options trader on the asx market and am now looking into the forex market. I have been trading full time now for four years and have found it extremely difficult to get quality information like yours. Thank you."

-- JB, Australia

"More terrific intraday analysis! You seem so often to catch moves almost to the minute with your time cycles and Fibo stuff."

-- SB, USA

"Jeff, just another note to say how much I love your letter. It's a terrific read, especially this one. Few analysts really analyze what's important like this."

-- MD, London

"You are an inspiration to someone who has been trading for some time. I really enjoy your work and more importantly use it profitably. As you will know, the emotional aspect is the aspect that one has to keep working at. We all get to a point where we nail the technical aspects but getting on top of the emotional stuff is greatly enhanced with timing as it does take away a lot of the 'nail biting' and 'praying' when kicking off a trade."

-- SB, Australia

"Your article in Futures magazine [about the] Lucas series was a real eye-opener. I am an Elliott student for over 10 years, so the Lucas revelation definitely helps plug a few holes for me. You are one sharp guy."

-- CL, Florida

"Before discovering the Fibonacci forecaster, I had a basic knowledge of technical analysis, including Elliott Waves. My trading was good based on this knowledge. Jeff teaching me about Fibonacci and Lucas time cycles opened up a new chapter to my knowledge and trading results. For instance, Jeff taught me that a market enters a window of opportunity to reverse after rallying or selling-off for a certain number of Fibonacci or Lucas bars, which adds a lot of confidence to a wave count. It has been amazing how many times I see a reversal on a five minute chart during these Fibonacci/Lucas time windows. It also works well on daily charts. This bar counting alone has added several NQ points per week to my futures trading. While Jeff's specialty is Fibonacci/Lucas time cycles, he also uses a raft of other tools such as momentum indicators, sentiment indicators, candlestick charting, lunar cycles, and channeling techniques to support his forecasts, which have proven to be world class. He has a passion for market analysis and this translates into solid, high probability forecasts. I highly recommend his service."

-- EN, Canada

No monetary consideration has been given to customers for providing testimonials.


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